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How Warm Will Polyester Keep You hiking

How Warm Will Polyester Keep You?

Troy De Ville

Polyester is a fabric that makes a great option for outdoor clothing because of its versatile qualities. Polyester is one ...

Is It Okay to Hike in Jeans?

Troy De Ville

Whether you enjoy a casual walk through the local trails or gear up for a long trek into the deep ...

How to break in hiking boots

Why You Should Break in Hiking Boots & the Best Way To Do It

Lysianne Peacock

When you get a new pair of hiking boots, excitement is likely to set in as you eagerly lace up ...

How to keep your feet warm in a hammock

How To Keep Your Feet Warm in a Hammock

Troy De Ville

One of the biggest problems people face when hammock camping is figuring out how to keep their feet warm. It’s ...

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Cotton Socks for Hiking

Why You Shouldn’t Wear Cotton Socks for Hiking – What You Should Wear Instead

Amy Klipstine

When thinking about hiking clothing, socks usually don’t get enough attention. But they should. Your socks will determine your level ...

hiking boots ankle support

Do You Need Ankle Support for Hiking

Lysianne Peacock

The footwear you choose to hike with is an essential piece of gear because you will be hiking miles on ...

Things Not to Do While Hiking

Things Not to Do While Hiking – Avoid These Costly Mistakes

Lysianne Peacock

There are many articles out there to help you prepare for a hike, such as our article, How to Prepare ...

camping hygiene

Ultimate Guide to Smelling Good While Camping – Personal Hygiene Outdoors

Amy Klipstine

When venturing into the great outdoors, we aim to take in the sights and smells of nature. And it helps ...

How Much Should a Backpacking Tent Weigh – Choosing the right backpacking tent

Lysianne Peacock

My first backpacking tent was a three-person, six-pound beast that quickly turned into just a car camping tent because it ...

What is the best GPS for backpacking?

Do I Need a GPS for Backpacking

Amy Klipstine

The quick answer here is, yes. Although many hikers rely on their smartphones as an emergency device and source of ...