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Do Hiking Boots Stretch Out Over Time

Do Hiking Boots Stretch Out Over Time

Troy De Ville

If you’ve been cooped up in your home for a while, and a long, wholesome hike is an exciting cure ...

Hiker visits Bryce canyon National park in Utah, USA

What is the Best State for Backpacking? Discover America’s Top Trails

Troy De Ville

Backpacking across the U.S. is like flipping through a book of breathtaking landscapes. We really do have the most butifull ...

Best John Muir Trail Hikes: Top Picks for Scenic Treks

Troy De Ville

I’ve hiked a ton of places, but I have to say hiking the John Muir Trail is an unforgettable adventure ...

Alcohol Backpacking Stove Buyers Guide

Troy De Ville

If you’ve been exploring options for backpacking cooking gear, there’s no doubt you’ve heard people talking about alcohol stoves. There’s ...

Guy climbs on rock mountains on his hiking sandals.

10 Most Dangerous Hikes in America: Thrill-Seekers’ Ultimate Guide

Troy De Ville

America has some of the best and most dangerous hikes in the world! Thrilling hikes offer breathtaking beauty and significant ...

Hiking in Sierra Nevada, California.

Dream Backpacking Locations in the US: Top Trails for Your Adventure Bucket List

Troy De Ville

Once you start backpacking, you’ll soon develop a list of dream hikes. I love backpacking, and I’m fortunate enough to ...

A group of three modern tourists backpackers travels in the summer.

Week Long Backpacking Trips: Essential Routes for Your Next Adventure

Troy De Ville

Week long backpacking trips can be one of the coolest things you’ll ever do on all your treks. And, it’s ...

man and woman on a backpacking trip

How to Plan Your First Backpacking Trip: Essentials and Tips

Troy De Ville

This is fantastic; you’re starting your first backpacking trip! You’re going to go on a promising adventure, promising freedom and ...

What is the best external frame backpack

What Is the Best External Frame Backpack?

Troy De Ville

With the recent trend of getting your base weight down as low as possible people often neglect the tried-and-true external ...

Internal frame vs external frame hiking backpacks

Internal vs External Frame Hiking Backpacks: Complete Guide

Troy De Ville

These are the two most common styles of backpacks you’ll see on the trail. External frame backpacks are old school, ...

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