Hiker visits Bryce canyon National park in Utah, USA

What is the Best State for Backpacking? Discover America’s Top Trails

Troy De Ville

Backpacking across the U.S. is like flipping through a book of breathtaking landscapes. We really do have the most butifull ...

Tired hiker relaxes with a large backpack on a slope in the mountains.Young hiker with backpack resting on a rocky hill.

Hardest Thru-Hikes in America: Trails That Test Your Limits

Troy De Ville

Going on the toughest thru-hikes in America is an adventure like no other, pushing you to your limits. These trails ...

The climb on John Muir Trail with beautiful sky

Week-Long Thru-Hikes in Southern California: Trailblazing the Golden State

Troy De Ville

Southern California has awesome places for week-long hikes, from deserts and beaches to mountains. It’s not just about hiking around; ...

Best John Muir Trail Hikes: Top Picks for Scenic Treks

Troy De Ville

I’ve hiked a ton of places, but I have to say hiking the John Muir Trail is an unforgettable adventure ...

John Muir Trail Pacific Crest Trail

The Best Shorter Thru-Hikes in America: Top Picks for Quick Adventures

Troy De Ville

Many backpackers have thru-hiking on their bucket list, but it doesn’t always mean committing half a year to the trail. ...

Alcohol Backpacking Stove Buyers Guide

Troy De Ville

If you’ve been exploring options for backpacking cooking gear, there’s no doubt you’ve heard people talking about alcohol stoves. There’s ...

Guy climbs on rock mountains on his hiking sandals.

10 Most Dangerous Hikes in America: Thrill-Seekers’ Ultimate Guide

Troy De Ville

America has some of the best and most dangerous hikes in the world! Thrilling hikes offer breathtaking beauty and significant ...

Hiking in Sierra Nevada, California.

Dream Backpacking Locations in the US: Top Trails for Your Adventure Bucket List

Troy De Ville

Once you start backpacking, you’ll soon develop a list of dream hikes. I love backpacking, and I’m fortunate enough to ...

A group of three modern tourists backpackers travels in the summer.

Week Long Backpacking Trips: Essential Routes for Your Next Adventure

Troy De Ville

Week long backpacking trips can be one of the coolest things you’ll ever do on all your treks. And, it’s ...

Beautiful Yosemite National Park landscapes, California with a hiker in the photo

Long-Distance Hiking Trails USA: Top Epic Routes to Trek

Troy De Ville

Going on a long-distance hiking trail is something most people never will do in their life. Maybe they don’t know ...

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