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Core mountaineering camping meals

No Cooler Easy Camping Meals

Troy De Ville

If you want to get out to the wilderness quickly or you don’t enjoy cooking while on the trail, there ...

core mountaineering blankets in tent

You Don’t Need a Sleeping Bag to Go Camping

Troy De Ville

The whole purpose of a sleeping bag is the convenience, weight savings, and security from the elements while camping and ...

Packing Your Backpack for First Time Hikers

Packing Your Backpack for First Time Hikers

Troy De Ville

It’s time to go on your first backpacking hike, but you need to know the best way of packing your ...

Core mountaineering trail

Who Has the Right of Way When Hiking?

Troy De Ville

Some of us go outdoors for the solitude, but eventually, we’ll meet people on the trail. Do I go right ...

core mountaineering sleeping bag

What Is the Best Insulation Fill for a Sleeping Bag?

Troy De Ville

Most camping, hiking, and outdoor enthusiast agree that down is the best fill material for a sleeping bag. What makes ...

what type sleeping bag should I buy?

What Type Sleeping Bag Should I Buy?

Troy De Ville

My favorite thing to do after a long day of hiking is laying down in my sleeping bag. With so ...

First Time Camping Essential Gear - Avoid Common Mistakes

First Time Camping Essential Gear – Avoid Common Mistakes

Troy De Ville

Do you want to get outside? Are you tired of being stuffed up inside your office and need to see ...