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Tired hiker relaxes with a large backpack on a slope in the mountains.Young hiker with backpack resting on a rocky hill.

Hardest Thru-Hikes in America: Trails That Test Your Limits

Troy De Ville

Going on the toughest thru-hikes in America is an adventure like no other, pushing you …

The climb on John Muir Trail with beautiful sky

Week-Long Thru-Hikes in Southern California: Trailblazing the Golden State

Troy De Ville

Southern California has awesome places for week-long hikes, from deserts and beaches to mountains. It’s …

John Muir Trail Pacific Crest Trail

The Best Shorter Thru-Hikes in America: Top Picks for Quick Adventures

Troy De Ville

Many backpackers have thru-hiking on their bucket list, but it doesn’t always mean committing half …

Beautiful Yosemite National Park landscapes, California with a hiker in the photo

Long-Distance Hiking Trails USA: Top Epic Routes to Trek

Troy De Ville

Going on a long-distance hiking trail is something most people never will do in their …

Dry Bags

Dry bags food hang

Camping Dry Bag Uses and Alternative Uses

We know the conventional ways of using a dry bag, keep camping, and hiking gear …

a man on a backpack hiking.

Backpacking Pack Liners vs. Dry Bags for the Best Waterproof Solution

When it comes to backpacking, should you choose pack liners or dry bags? Pack liners, …